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Our love for Printing drives who we are and what we do every day.

Our UV-LED Technology® for UV printers is replacing older technology with compelling advantages of better economics, system capabilities, and environmental benefits.

UV-LED Technology® is rapidly becoming the new standard for UV printing in the world.

Sun 3D Corporation UV-LED Technology® provides the highest curing efficiency while also providing a cooler, safer, and more stable output, allowing end users to print on a wider variety of substrate with increased yield and reduced operating costs.

The system owes its advantages largely to nanotechnology applications: the use of nanosized pigments and additives to the nano UV inks® and ultrabright UV LEDs with our exclusive UV-LED Technology® based on gallium nitride heterostructures in the printers.

Sun 3D Corporation UV-LED Technology® provides just the right amount of UV energy to control dot gain and achieve a variety of printing effects at increased speeds.

Sun 3D Corporation UV-LED Technology® can also be used for full cure of nano UV inks® in bi-directional, single pass, and 3D raised images to create products such as posters, labels, signage, packaging, and 3D raised printing images.

Our nano UV-LED printers® can apply images not only to advertising and printing products, as traditional printers can, but also to furniture, tile, glass, ceramic tiles, metals, leather, acrylic, vinyl, canvas, wood, plastic, appliances and electronics, stretch ceilings, panels, and other surfaces.

Nano UV ink® are formulated for maximum adhesion and compatibility with an extensive range of coated and uncoated substrates: PVC, plastic, wood, glass, stained glass, mirror, metal, banner etc. In combination with our award winning nano UV-LED printers® offers a broad range of color, high resistance to light, exact color reproduction, and long shelf life—important for UV curable inks.

Embossing Effect & Special Printing Capabilities

  • Direct printing on substrates of up to 7.9” (20 cm) thickness.
  • Unique carriage raising system ensures direct printing on media.
  • Embossing effect with multi-layered print technology.
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